Is He The Right One

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I am not an expert In relationship issue but this is just  my opinion.
How do you know if he is the right one?

The right one acknowledges commitment, he knows what he wants and he sees in you right away- no time wasting.
The right one definitely has to be smart ( at least to you) and passionate about his career and future.
Although every woman dream of a Prince Charming but the real one doesn’t have to be so handsome. A real woman knows how to clean up her man real good and make him what she wants him to be.
You want to be with a man who  adores you and yes more than you adore him.
He must respect your interest, values , your upbringing and yes have good relationship with your family. 
Both of you must be in agreement about morals and standard.
You can marry from any tribe, race,nationality and religion-  as long their is some underlying spiritual compatibility  and a mutual respect and agreement  in what religious teaching their children will follow.
Marriage is what legacy a couple can build together in the long run, it is suppose to be till death do us part- it is not a union you give up when you are bored.

Yah PayPal In Nigeria


Pay Pal has finally tapped into the wealth of over 60 millions Nigeria internet users. Though it took them quite longer than expected to realize the potential in this emerging market.  I am from Nigeria and I know the culture, Nigerians buys foreign products a lot– I know how some people find it difficult buying products online because some foreign dealers wouldn’t accept Nigeria bank cards.
I understand Pay Pals concern, they were skeptical and afraid of the Nigeria Scam and didn’t want to be caught in the messy fraud. Luckily, they realized a massive opportunity been wasted.
Just because driving fast cars sometimes causes major accident doesn’t mean manufacturers would stop being innovative? I guess the answer is no.
Though Nigeria has earned the negative reputation but there are also non Nigerians who operate from other countries but pretend to be Nigerian scammers. The good news is Nigerian online scams are being mitigated by various economic and financial crime watch groups and so fraud has been reduced drastically. Nigerian internet scammers do not constitute the majority of the population, but only a tiny minority. It is wrong to stereotype the majority of a people based on the corrupt activities of a minority
This is the opportunities for other businesses to look in this direction and seek entry into Nigeria Market, there are over 170 Million Nigerians, and 70% are below 40 years of age. Lots of Nigerians have post-secondary education so getting the local workforce wouldn’t be the problem but a little of professional training on the job will be necessary.


Keep Your Girl Child From Bullies

Parents are so overwhelmed this days especially in raising female kids, it had become a serous nightmare regarding crazy atrocities shown on the media. Let us see a case of a five year old girl from Pennsylvania who was kidnapped by an older man- thank God for the teenage boys who became her hero and saved her from the fist of  paedophile.

Parents used to be worried about girls unwanted pregnancy, use of alcohols and drugs but now it is way much more than that. Kidnapping, cyber bulling. online stalking, dating violence, paedophiles and internet child porn are now common occurrence-this is scaring right? My thoughts exactly. I really don’t mean to scare parents here.

A parents dream is to see her little girl grow into an independent woman while enjoy a happy, healthy and safe environment to grow.
As your baby get to school age, she meets all kinds of fellow girls especially in school. Many girls can be mean to one another but if your girl is aware of sign of hostility among some girls, she can easily avoid them.

Family background, culture and environment shapes children’s behaviour. Some girls are hostile, aggressive and mean and mostly picked this attitude from their home. The hostile girls never feel right about themselves and so continuously drags other girls down. For that reason, you should let your girl know that any unkindness from other girls are rooted in their personal background and should know that no child is born mean, they are product of their environment. Explain to your child never to emulate them or allow their actions cause any form of low self esteem to their being.

Build self confident in your child early in life, make them respect and see good in others and of course shouldn’t be bullies them self- I have worked with young kids and have noticed some patterns among some very confident kids who sometimes ride on others.

Always build a trusting relationship with your child  so you will be the first to report to in case of any strange situation going on in her life.

What Is/Was Your Dream Job?

If you asked me this question few years ago ” What is my dream job?”

I just want to change the world in any way I can.

I want to travel, see the world.
I want to help improve education.
I want to close the gap between the rich and the poor- that will be difficult.
I want to fix the problems which our parents never fixed or failed to see.
I want to be creative and affect what will last longer than me.
I want to partner with NGO with the same goal.
I want to have working experience in all industry.
I want to play with technology and empower others with it.
I want to be happy and see others happy.
I want to work for myself after a while.

I have changed career path and this will be my third time- please don’t judge me, I am constantly looking to solve problems.

Food pyramids

Picture taken from HSE Ireland Healthy food made easy

Food Pyramids for Adult and children over 5  years.
It is a pyramid shaped guide, it helps individuals plan healthy diets on daily. It consists of six sections which categories in order of nutrients value to the body. Healthy eating is about getting the correct amount of nutrients –proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are required in a certain quantity by the body daily.
Comparing food on the pyramids
Food Groups
Food Pyramid Servings
Class of Nutrient
Breads, Cereals, Potatoes
Yams, Rice, Pasta
6 Portions
Fruits and Vegetables
5 Portions
Milk, Cheese &Yoghurt
3 Portions
Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans, Nuts
2 Portions
Spreads and Oils
2 Serving Spread and 1 Teaspoon Oil
Foods and Drinks High in Fat, sugar and Salt
Maximum 1 Portion
Trans Fat, Sugar and Salt
8-10 Cups of Water (1 Cup is 200ml,
Equivalent to disposable cup quantity

What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

What are your New Year resolutions?

We all say that every year, don’t we? How many of us actually put all our list into consideration. We reflect, set goals but hardly really achieve it .

My goals for 2013 were to listen more and do Yoga. I can gladly say, I worked on my listening skills, I am more patience when listening to others. I did a little bit of yoga while I learnt and got to know more about healthy meals and lifestyle and yes I stopped putting sugar in my tea and cereal;Yeah.

For me, 2014 will be a year of knowing more about Investment, Savings, Personal Finance, Trading and just growing up.

Happy New Year. 

What is healthy lifestyle ?

What is healthy lifestyle ? It goes beyond looking slim and fit.  Many a times when I talk about needing exercise, some friends tell me that I don’t need exercise because I am already slim. I just smile and says it is beyond that. 
Keeping healthy requires a balance of healthy food;
120 -150 minutes of exercise a week;
Drinking at least 1.2 litre of water a day (someone says !ouch that’s much?-yes, that’s little). 
A combination of all is important, if you decide to cut your diet and keep away from exercise, then my dear, their is something missing.
Fruits and Vegetables