My girls naps as long as they are comfortable.

So grateful that my girls can actually nap anywhere as long as they are comfortable and it was their nap time.  I like the fact that, they arent just restricted to sleeping in their crib. We were hanging out today and  had a lunch at Opa but when it got to 3pm, which is usually time for their afternoon nap, they both got fussy, I put them into their stroller and 5 minutes later,  they were alseep. I had my remaining lunch in peace.

How did we get here? We were not always  this scheduled.  In fact, we had a crazy first few months, they would cried repeatedly and with no idea of what I should do. As a first time mom with no or little experience,   I began to  learn their cues and demands,  I realised that they got tired and always wanted to go back to sleep 3 hours after their wake time during the day- so basically, we do 2  naps.  After a while, I began to understand them and viola, we got on a schedule.  However, we are often flexible with our routines. We don’t let naps deter our activities, we always work around it.

Originally written on May 12th 2017.

Miss A and Miss N in their crib.


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