Anxiety-  the thought of going back to work after Maternity leave.

It is almost 8 months into my maternity leave and the thought of leaving my girls pains me to the spine. I have recently been enjoying these girls a lot, I now understand them and I guess they know me as well. Two weeks ago, a colleague of mine was chatting up about resuming back to work and honestly, I had this anxiety that led to my heart pumping really fast- the thought alone drove me crazy.

Before I had babies, I used to be that chic who said, what was the point of a stay at home mom?- I had no idea, there was a lot to be done around taking care of babies. Fast forward to my present life, I am so busy and honestly, I respect any mothers. Well done to all mama’s out there, who are grinding and still slaying 😀.

Saw a day home advertisement in my neighborhood- scheduled a tour.  I went with hubby to check out the place,  It was less than 5 minutes drive from my home. The basement of the house was used for the dayhome, although, it was neat, a good layout, well planned and experienced operator . However, the use of basement discouraged me and from that time, I knew I was definitely  starting my dayhome- I have been nursing the idea for a while, I have done few researches but just wasn’t convinced enough.

I have the space, I have the determination to get it running. I have the support of my hubby. Let’s do it.

My twins and I- I am not sure if this picture really fits this article

With Love


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