Calgary Stampede


I moved to Calgary Canada in the winter of 2014. Before my arrival, I researched every possible thing I needed to know about this Cowboy City.  One thing I came across repeatedly was the brutal winter and the Calgary stampede. I definitely looked forward to Calgary Stampede because of my fascination towards horse riding, even though I am not an avid horse rider yet.

Brief history about Calgary Stampede.

Guy Weadick, a vaudeville performer pitched a 6-day event and called it Stampede. First stampede happened in 1912 and It featured roping and bronc events. There were competitors from throughout North America. It became huge and has showcase the modern, multicultural and cosmopolitan City of Calgary.

If you want to visit Canada in the summer, you should pin down this event. Calgary is a place to be. It is huge, it is fun, and it is all about western heritage and values. It is 6 days of party in July every Year.


Witsh the Sta

Addy and myself with the Stampede Princesses

Some of the activities during stampede are:

Rodeo Event – Wild Pony Racing
Bell adrenaline ranch
BMO Kids’ Day
BMO Farm Family Awards
Nashville North
Bud Light Beer Garden
Heavy Horse Pull
ENMAX Corral Show
Calgary Stampede Lotteries
Stampede Talent  Search
Stampede Showriders
TransAlta Grandstand Show

And the lovely fireworks at 11.00 pm every night.


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