Is He The Right One

Picture sources: Blackberry pictures collections

I am not an expert In relationship issue but this is just  my opinion.
How do you know if he is the right one?

The right one acknowledges commitment, he knows what he wants and he sees in you right away- no time wasting.
The right one definitely has to be smart ( at least to you) and passionate about his career and future.
Although every woman dream of a Prince Charming but the real one doesn’t have to be so handsome. A real woman knows how to clean up her man real good and make him what she wants him to be.
You want to be with a man who  adores you and yes more than you adore him.
He must respect your interest, values , your upbringing and yes have good relationship with your family. 
Both of you must be in agreement about morals and standard.
You can marry from any tribe, race,nationality and religion-  as long their is some underlying spiritual compatibility  and a mutual respect and agreement  in what religious teaching their children will follow.
Marriage is what legacy a couple can build together in the long run, it is suppose to be till death do us part- it is not a union you give up when you are bored.

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