Yah PayPal In Nigeria

photocredit: techonomy.com

Pay Pal has finally tapped into the wealth of over 60 millions Nigeria internet users. Though it took them quite longer than expected to realize the potential in this emerging market.  I am from Nigeria and I know the culture, Nigerians buys foreign products a lot– I know how some people find it difficult buying products online because some foreign dealers wouldn’t accept Nigeria bank cards.
I understand Pay Pals concern, they were skeptical and afraid of the Nigeria Scam and didn’t want to be caught in the messy fraud. Luckily, they realized a massive opportunity been wasted.
Just because driving fast cars sometimes causes major accident doesn’t mean manufacturers would stop being innovative? I guess the answer is no.
Though Nigeria has earned the negative reputation but there are also non Nigerians who operate from other countries but pretend to be Nigerian scammers. The good news is Nigerian online scams are being mitigated by various economic and financial crime watch groups and so fraud has been reduced drastically. Nigerian internet scammers do not constitute the majority of the population, but only a tiny minority. It is wrong to stereotype the majority of a people based on the corrupt activities of a minority
This is the opportunities for other businesses to look in this direction and seek entry into Nigeria Market, there are over 170 Million Nigerians, and 70% are below 40 years of age. Lots of Nigerians have post-secondary education so getting the local workforce wouldn’t be the problem but a little of professional training on the job will be necessary.



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