Keep Your Girl Child From Bullies

Parents are so overwhelmed this days especially in raising female kids, it had become a serous nightmare regarding crazy atrocities shown on the media. Let us see a case of a five year old girl from Pennsylvania who was kidnapped by an older man- thank God for the teenage boys who became her hero and saved her from the fist of  paedophile.

Parents used to be worried about girls unwanted pregnancy, use of alcohols and drugs but now it is way much more than that. Kidnapping, cyber bulling. online stalking, dating violence, paedophiles and internet child porn are now common occurrence-this is scaring right? My thoughts exactly. I really don’t mean to scare parents here.

A parents dream is to see her little girl grow into an independent woman while enjoy a happy, healthy and safe environment to grow.
As your baby get to school age, she meets all kinds of fellow girls especially in school. Many girls can be mean to one another but if your girl is aware of sign of hostility among some girls, she can easily avoid them.

Family background, culture and environment shapes children’s behaviour. Some girls are hostile, aggressive and mean and mostly picked this attitude from their home. The hostile girls never feel right about themselves and so continuously drags other girls down. For that reason, you should let your girl know that any unkindness from other girls are rooted in their personal background and should know that no child is born mean, they are product of their environment. Explain to your child never to emulate them or allow their actions cause any form of low self esteem to their being.

Build self confident in your child early in life, make them respect and see good in others and of course shouldn’t be bullies them self- I have worked with young kids and have noticed some patterns among some very confident kids who sometimes ride on others.

Always build a trusting relationship with your child  so you will be the first to report to in case of any strange situation going on in her life.


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