Healthy cooking


officially became  an healthy cooking coach today.~yah! Can’t  imagine that less than 6 months ago,  I was feeding practically on cakes and chocolate. How on earth did I transform so fast? 

They say that Africans have sweet tooth, yes I was not an exception, I used to feed on over I litre of Coca Cola products daily- yuks, that sucks. The African weather is really hot so all you want is a  sweet  cold drink. 
I moved  to Ireland and still continued the habit of taking sugary things but eventually gave it up when my hubby encouraged me, he is health conscious individual. Fortunately,I gave up sugar in my Tea, Garri (Nigeria thing) and Cereal, that was hard though but still hung on to Pastries, Cakes and Chocolates.

Fell in love with healthy food after I got an opportunity to attend a healthy cooking made easy course which was sponsored by the Charity organisation I volunteer for, that was the turning point. Learnt about making healthy meals on a budget, food pyramid, reading labels and many more. I can’t over emphasise  it, this course is a blessing to me.

I had the opportunity to train a group of 12-14 years old about healthy meals, it was a summer program. I was excited and nervous at the same time but I noticed my passion at the time of the training and trust  this age group with numerous questions. The  project head thought I was a brilliant and a  good facilitator. 

It is a life changing experience for me  but I have to work on my fitness and exercise regime to make me a total package , who is joining me on the quest for an healthy lifestyle.

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