Game changer


You could meet a person in a day and suddenly change your initial perspective towards them, so you could also meet a dog and your love towards dogs would suddenly increase- that is just what happened to me today. I use to love dog or let just say I love the dogs in my house(Parents house) because they know me.

I got to the bus stop when a dog came towards me and obviously asked for cuddling, my normal self would ignore it- well not like, I didn’t . I did try but it wouldn’t leave me, despite there were others at the bus stop, he came towards me.

I cuddled him and could immediately feel the love . Dogs don’t discriminate  between blacks or whites, It just loves you for you.

I got to know that it’s owner was not with him- most probably a missing dog. I called the number on the dog card on his neck and informed them where he was.

 I miss him already as I write this- I left him behind.


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