Would You Change Your Name After You Get Married


I have never thought this might be any problem until a day back. I was going to get a new International passport since my former was about to expiry. I have thought of just taking my husband’s name and  dropping my family name but while filling the form, something just struck me that I was going to  loose my lifelong identity, my touch to my family that I loved so much. Immediately I  said, I  would rather hyphenate the two name together. After that decision I felt better.

My name retains my Identity, I feel like I am going to get somebody identity by automatically taking my husband’s surname- (There are over 25 people with my first name+husband name on social media).
When I told my husband about my decision, he claimed, it is not accepted in Africa and insisted that a wife should be ready to leave her family name as soon as she gets married.  I told him that was archaic. A woman should still have some form of Identity-what will happen to all my certificates and credentials that I obtained before I got married. After much discussion, he accepted- does he have a choice? 

The society has somehow made women looked so insignificant yet no body can exist without the women, we carry the children for 9 months and still don’t insist they should bear our names. We get paid lower than the men yet we work harder than the men. Mostly in Africa, most families will not rest until they finally have a son, yet female make a home colourful.

It doesn’t matter what the society take us for but we all know that they can  never live without us. 

Let me know though, would you change or leave your family name after marriage,


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