Live Life

I don’t want to wake up one day and find out that I have lost any of my siblings, parents or husband, at least not for now. Although, every person must leave this world one day, this earth is not our permanent destination but we do not wish to loose any one until they are very old.


I can’t imagine the thought of loosing a loved one and my friends. I can’t imagine how my parents felt when they lost their little boy years back, he was about 8 months. 
I am beginning to be more health conscious nowadays especially with attaining a healthy lifestyle with my type of diet and exercise. Although, you cant really tell some times. My husband just lost his friend to Cancer today.  May he rest in peace. He is a health practitioner, who is very health conscious but Cancer always comes in different forms and beyond our imagination. Sometimes, you don’t even know the cause of it, which might be, in his case. All we can do is pray, live life and stay healthy.

 I wish,  I could be a super woman and just find a cure to cancer but seriously I am not. I know the scientists are carrying out researches in the area of stem cells to find a permanent cure to this deadly disease. I kinda trust them because I believe that, they will find a cure someday.

For the rest of us, only the memories we share with our loved ones will remain with them and be cherished forever. Live every moment of your life positively…


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