Small Business Ideas On Small Budget

My love for  small Businesses started way back, my family has always been my greatest influence because, it is part of our family culture;   My parents  run SME  in the area of Hotel, Retail and Construction Industry.
Even  as an MBA graduate who  wants to work for any organization because of technical experience and networking, will definitely opt to run my own business because I believe that a country’s  economy growth depend on  Small and Medium Businesses.

Though, there are lots of challenges facing SME in every part of the world but determination and hard work would always differentiate any Entrepreneur.
I am always excited when I have an opportunity to give Business ideas or advice to people. I have picked up different Business ideas which could be started on a small budget.

Web Design
Most professional web designers would charge their clients over 400€ to build a website, which of course is an investment for a Business in order to position themselves properly in the online market.  An aspiring Business person could learn a few skills in building basic website for small business owners who can not afford the professional fees but still wish  to position their Business on the internet.  www.go  ,,, could be use to build simple and basic sites for your clients.

Home Organization Service

If you are the kind of person who enjoys an organized home, why not turn your talent into cash. Do you enjoy TV shows like the The Amandas or how clean is your house? And think that; yeah right I can do that. Yes you can do it.
The thing about home organization, you can acquire experience learning from your home and have to be able to advice your clients how to organize their belongings using different storages.

Style Consultant Service
Style is not all about the money people spend. People spend fortune on fashion and yet still look awful; yes that is when you come in.  A lot of people are ready to spend money to look and feel good,  so they will require the service of an image consultants- you know, those people who make others look good either by helping them boost their reputations or by giving them complete style make-over’s. If you love fashion and think you love making people look good, why not try it!

Restaurant Delivery Service
If you have a moving vehicle, be sure you can set up delivering service. Sometimes people are so tired to make dinners or go get take-away themselves, in these case they could give you a call and deliver their orders. Another way is to sign up with different take away and restaurants.

CD Ripping Service.

Everything had gone digital, gone are the days of analogue. Have you had a rack filled with CD’s but need to rip to your iTunes? We all know how daunting it might be, having to rip hundreds of CD, yes I have tried it and very boring.
People who want to make cash out of this; this is your time to shine! Yes I mean shine; a lot of people are willing to pay someone to rip their CD.

How do you do it! Rip the CD and transfer your data into a drive and give it back to your clients while they load it on their ITunes…
Some equipment which could rip many CD at ones are available without having to operate it manually. You might want to give this a trial….

Assistant Service
A lot of people will say 24hours is no longer enough for a day. What do you expect from the ever changing society with growing technology, more busy schedules, there is not enough time to finish up all task.

 Some people will be able to pay someone to carry out some extra errands like grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school daily or dropping them off, doing laundry etc but trust me, only a trustworthy person could start this Enterprise, if you are not, please don’t waste your time.
The limits are endless, and your services might really take off with the elderly community or nursing mothers!

Family Portrait Photographer

Do you know how to use a camera and very conversant with Photoshop?  Then you might try this. A lot of people love to keep memories so why not assist them by taking lovely pictures and editing them with Always remember that,  their are already loads of people in these Business, but the ability to differentiate your self will always give you competitive edge over others.

If you are interested in any of this Business and need further advise on how to go about it then contact me and we could take it from their. From me, is “Think Big and Start Small”……


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