Employment Application Rejection Emails

“I had this write up saved on my phone since last month, but just publishing it now.”

It is Friday the 28th January 2011, but I am so heartbroken right now. I was supposed to meet my husband in the City center at about 5pm. This is the usual tradition for us on Fridays because we watch movies, go to restaurant or sometimes go to bars.

I am currently unemployed and tend to put in my resume for jobs every other day. There are some jobs you put in so much effort, some requires your high school scores and some requires a whole day for complete application process.

One of those jobs just dropped their bomb, when I received an email from them telling me how sorry they felt not able to continue with my application because they received high calibres of applications. I get such email sometimes, but that day was so different. I was just on the staircase and immediately I had an adrenaline rush and just collapsed, with tears rolling down my cheek. It was so painful though, but I still summed up courage by encouraging my self to begin a business. For now, I am still brainstorming on the kind of business to venture into.


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