Always Smile- Pictures are Wonderful Memories

Have you ever received an album and you are not so happy with your collections? That is what I am feeling right now, so dissatisfied with my flaw to smile. Why am I so worried and concerned? If you really know me, you will know that i find it irresistible to smile in my pictures because I love taking photographs.

I had three types’ of weddings on different days, one was my registry, the other was my church wedding ceremony and the bigger one was the traditional wedding with the bigger wedding party reception. My church wedding was in my local church which was a very small gathering and series of photo shoots were taken after the ceremony, I must say I enjoyed every moment taking the pictures and they turned out so well.

A week to my traditional and wedding party, I was so stressed that I lost a bit of weigh and that reflected looking at my pictures right now. I like things been perfect but opening my album and seeing otherwise made me sad. My traditional outfit colour combination was unique and was the talk among my friends and people that saw some of the pictures that were posted on Facebook; I must say I was really proud of myself on that.

The wedding party took place on the same day immediately after the traditional wedding ceremony, I had a long gold coloured dress on but my hairstyle and bouquet disappointed me. My bouquet looked really scanty, my hairstyle didn’t come out well and now I am wishing “I could turn back the hands of clock”. Realising that my hairstyle wasn’t really nice in the mirror before the party, I just didn’t smile like I would have done because I was so bothered and I knew I was not going to get a perfect pictures collections..

Me in traditional wedding attire with my friends
I dont like my hairstyle.
That was after my church wedding ceremony

My lesson for the future will be to smile all the time in public, so that I don’t regret my memories. I Just feel,  that blogging about this will make me smile and continue my day. Thanks everyone for passing by because I feel great right now.


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