Just sharing with Couples

If there was any advise, I ever remembered on my wedding day, it will be the advice about been patience with my man. “Lola, you ought to be very patient with your husband” that was the major advice from different people.

Marriage is sweet and interesting especially when you get married to your friend, for instance in my own case. My husband and I were great friends before we started dating. Nevertheless, we also got our issues especially when making some slight decisions. However, those wedding day advice always echoes back to me and keep me away from arguing all the time.

In as much as my husband always like to get things done fast and assume I know all he wants, I always try to overlook it and assume that this is a normal situation. This is a period of learning new things about ourselves.

Food for thought: Be patient with your partners to avoid regular arguments which could lead to long term separation. The early period of marriage should be seen as a learning phase and so both parties should endeavour to understand themselves at this period.



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