Groceries shopping

For now, I will be writing about some of my experience in my new institution (marriage), which I am barely a year. I will appreciate your experience and comments.

A little confession, I am not sure I like doing groceries shopping with my man. Though I always enjoy his company but when it involves getting things to the house, I rather do it on my own. “No you cannot buy that now, No we don’t need that at home at this time”. Those are my husband’s words each time we are in the shop.

We ladies always like to try a new recipe or ingredient, at least to spice up our menu. Although, my partner think we should stick to what we know and have tried, instead of doing “food practical” all the time (that always sounds really funny any time he says that).

Most times, he saves me from unnecessarily shopping and wastage. Although, I always go back to pick anything I think is very necessary worth trying, and guess what guys? We always munch the new meal together and he compliments me for the effort.

Food for thought: Try not to buy a new recipe or ingredients when your partner is with you especially if he does not believe in trying new things.


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