Anxiety-  the thought of going back to work after Maternity leave.

It is almost 8 months into my maternity leave and the thought of leaving my girls pains me to the spine. I have recently been enjoying these girls a lot, I now understand them and I guess they know me as well. Two weeks ago, a colleague of mine was chatting up about resuming back to work and honestly, I had this anxiety that led to my heart pumping really fast- the thought alone drove me crazy.

Before I had babies, I used to be that chic who said, what was the point of a stay at home mom?- I had no idea, there was a lot to be done around taking care of babies. Fast forward to my present life, I am so busy and honestly, I respect any mothers. Well done to all mama’s out there, who are grinding and still slaying 😀.

Saw a day home advertisement in my neighborhood- scheduled a tour.  I went with hubby to check out the place,  It was less than 5 minutes drive from my home. The basement of the house was used for the dayhome, although, it was neat, a good layout, well planned and experienced operator . However, the use of basement discouraged me and from that time, I knew I was definitely  starting my dayhome- I have been nursing the idea for a while, I have done few researches but just wasn’t convinced enough.

I have the space, I have the determination to get it running. I have the support of my hubby. Let’s do it.

My twins and I- I am not sure if this picture really fits this article

With Love

Hey Wednesday

Hey Wednesday, your sunshine today made me happy. So glad to finally have spring springing in.

I hope you all had a great valentine’s day, mine was practically spent at the dentist office. My birthday is tomorrow so i would just go for dinner, having kids has changed it all. Previously, 14th, 15th and 16th of febuary used to be all about dinners, celebration and parties but you know what I wouldnt exchange what I have now.

So today, I took my girls for a playdate and this is what I wore.

Prada turtle neck , La  Chateau biege pant and Red banana Republic wool coat

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A visit to Red Lobster

​Google reminded me yesterday about some pictures from exactly two years ago. 

 It was a Friday night in 2015 and we felt like seafood for dinner. A friend Addy,  has recommended Red lobster, the advertisement on TV is also very attracting. 

I wasn’t surprise to see a  packed restaurant,  we just walked in and didn’t make any reservation, need to say that we were on the queue for over 30 minutes- was the waiting time worth it? yes it does, by the end of the dinner. 

We had  some shrimp selection, lobster and crab and of course  the signature biscuits, the salads were crispy and fresh. The customer service was alright. I guess it was a good evening. 

Did I visit red lobster again? Yes I have, when my parents were in town. They both love it.

Where are the top Female CEO in Nigeria?

Nigeria President and the top 100 CEO in the Country
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I came across this picture yesterday and couldn’t spot any woman in the background. Nigeria has lots of hardworking women. I expected to see at least one woman.

Anyway, I  hope, that the next picture taken, in the next four years will feature at least two top Female CEO in Nigeria.

Never Share Bills On First Dates

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A real man shouldn’t expect a woman to share the bill at first date, If you can afford a fast food place, please take her there- I don’t care if she is the richest woman on earth.

She can choose to pay or spilt the bill when she gets comfortable with you or any date afterwards.  I hear some women tongue lashing, ‘ I am miss Independent’. O please just shut up – it is what it is. He asked you out, you took your time out to go and it is only normal he take up the bills.